Laser Quest evening – Friday 9 November 2012

What is it?  For those not too sure, like me, Wikkipaedia says, ‘Laser Quest is the name of a Canadian-based indoor lasertag game based around infrared hand held units and vests, as well as the name of the company which operates each game centre.’

Join WI members and friends to find out and enjoy a fun evening in Northampton. £9.20 each for 2 games and one free one.   Go on, there’s a child in all of us waiting to play!  To pass on your contact details and to share transport, contact us.

Uncorking the mystery of wine

This week Sue Lobb unveiled the mysteries of wine making, including the world’s major wine producing regions and the vast range of ingredients that can be used, as well as the characteristics that should feature in the finished product – even the taste of old leather in one wine.  I now know that red grapes also make white wine!

Hints and tips followed on sampling: sight, smell, taste, and, yes, touch (your palette!) and suggestions for food and wine matching.  Best of all, we tried wine tasting with a Veltliner, Syrah and Monbazillac.