Bowdens Charity evening

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A question for you?  What is a ‘feoffee?’  (see foot of post for definition?)
Jim Jacobs, Steward, gave members a fascinating insight into the history of this well known local Charity, together with a chance to see lots of pictures of projects and buildings that it has helped to fund in Market Harborough.
The Charity, based in St Mary’ s Road, was formed in 1994 when 3 local charities came together and is now valued at £15.9m.  Jim took us right back to the 1500s and the Enclosures Act (yes, remember that from school?) and up to the present time, where the Charity is now accountable to the Charities’ Commission.
Well known buildings and landmarks in the town that the Bowdens Charity has supported include the Old Grammar School (see slide in the picture above), Joules and adjacent jewellers, the cricket field, Scotland End flats, St Stephen’s allotments and those opposite Protheroes, the land between the Grand Union Canal and Forest Gate Motors plus the site of an old quarry that is now home to an abundance of wildlife and fauna.
Other funding opportunities include responding to applications from local families with little disposable income for grants (a sign of the recession), as well as funding for local musicians, uniforms for sports teams and the current refurbishment of the Harborough Museum and Library.  Challenges for the future will include the ‘big society’, school academies and looking after the people of the town.
Feoffees?   Dating back to the Crusades, they were tenants of land who paid no rent but if their owner went on a Crusade they would insist the tenants left!  Derived from ‘fief’ or ‘fee’.

Do you have a good fund raising idea?

All WIs need to raise money to pay for expenses such as venue costs and speakers.  fundraising-w500-h500Each of us pays an annual membership fee and a proportion of this goes to county and regional WI funds.  For this reason, WIs need to raise additional funds.  This can be an exciting challenge and an opportunity to share an experience or have fun with other members and visitors.

If you have a good fund raising idea, then do speak to a Committee Member at the next monthly meeting, Contact Us or call 07547 890 756.  We’re looking at ideas for an event in 2014.  This will be our major opportunity to raise funds.

If you’d like to join a small team taking the fund raising idea forwards (or any other idea that is suggested) then, again do speak to a Committee Member, Contact Us or call 07547 890 756.  It’s a great opportunity to get involved with the Market Harborough WI, do something for the local community and meet new friends, too.

Enigma quiz night

Many thanks to Evanda Greenwood, Social Secretary, for arranging the quiz this evening.  It was held at Engima and they made us very welcome.  Seventeen members and visitors took part in answering 40 questions that spanned general knowledge, history and geography.

Try one of our questions that created much debate on our table?  Which parts of the body keep growing?  (see below for answer)

Team Bananas won with 37 points, followed by WI knows 32 points, Sooty & Co 30 points, New Ones 27 points and Sizzling Sisters 19 points.

Quiz Jul 13 (2)-w500-h500

Teams: New Ones and Sizzling Sisters

Quiz Jul 13 (3)-w500-h500

Team: Sooty & Co and quiz leader, Evanda


Teams WI Knows and Bananas

Teams: WI Knows and Bananas




Answer (in bold)

The body parts that keep growing as you age are the hair, nails, ears and nose. The nose and the ears never stop growing as they are made of cartilage which continues to grow after our bodies have stopped.

Market Harborough and the Bowden’s Charity – July’s monthly meeting

market_harborough_grammar_school1.jpgJim Jacobs will be the visiting speaker at the July monthly meeting.  Jim will be telling us about the invaluable work of the Market Harborough and The Bowdens Charity, the largest in the area.    This includes taking on responsibility for that famous local landmark, the Old Grammar School, that forms the basis of the Market Harborough WI logo.

The Charity dates back to 1570 and earlier.  Today it is the amalgamation of 2 local charities in 1994.  Importantly, it funds many local initiatives through amateur sport, arts, relief in need, community, education and the environment.  Organisations can apply to it for support.   So, join us on Wednesday 24 July at the Congregational Church Hall, Bowden Lane, Market Harborough to find out about the work it has been doing.