Busy beadmakers

Market Harborough WI members worked busily all evening, trying their hand at beadmaking.  They made a long, pendant style necklace or a keyring/handbag charm.  Andrea Greenaway, from Leicestershire Craft Centre, was the visiting speaker.  She shared beautiful, colourful samples of her work based on crafts that are taught at the Centre in High Street, Market Harborough.

Andrea Greenaway-w500-h500

Andrea Greenaway, Leicestershire Craft Centre

Samples Leics Craft Centre (1)-w500-h500

Andrea passed around two delightful necklaces that she had learned how to make herself recently whilst attending silversmithing courses (I hope I have the techniques right!).

She then demonstrated the art of simple beadmaking (or so we thought).  She showed us how to take a long piece of thick thread, fold it into four and then knot it to form your own tailor made necklace or to tie it to a keyring.  Then came the real challenge!  Having chosen our selected beads, which came in a huge variety of colours, sizes and textures, we had to thread the signature bead – not too difficult, as these tended to come with large holes.  So far, so good.  However, then we faced some real challenges for the evening, namely the ability to see small holes, licking the end of your thread to get a point and trying to get it through the holes in the beads.  Not so easy, as the hole sizes varied greatly, so, very quickly, carefully chosen, colour coded patterns were abandoned!  However, lots of good humour plus the encouragement of fellow WI members, and most people successfully produced their first piece of beadwork.  They proudly display their handiwork below.

Other samples of members’ handiwork:

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your skills and patiently helping and encouraging us as we took our first, tentative steps.  Another excellent evening!


Paying WI annual membership using internet banking

Yes, it’s here at last!  Due to the gradual decline of payments by cheques, we are now able to process membership payments using online internet banking.

If you wish to use this facility, you will need to speak to Patsy Page, our Membership Secretary, or Val Hitchcox or Sarah Trappitt, Treasurers at the next monthly meeting.  They will give you a note of all the bank details.

Just one tip when paying this way – payment reference – please enter your full name here, ie Anne Smith (this is to ensure your payment can be matched to your membership account – otherwise we will end up with a list of payments and not know who made them!!!)

Membership fee for 2014 – £34.70

When can I pay? from October 2013 onwards.  The fee is due by 31 December and must be paid by the end of January 2014 or your name will be taken off the membership list (we don’t want to lose you!).

We will still accept payment by cash and cheques payable to Market Harborough WI.

Magic of Motown – 28 March 2014

Join us for a brilliant night out dancing away to Motown chartbusters.  This Motown tribute concert is just what you need to relax and dance away to your heart’s content.  It’s open to non-members, too.

It will be a dazzling show, gorgeous costumes and superb Motown sixties hits  (How do I know?  I went this year, thoroughly enjoyed and only wished I was in the dancing area as I was ‘dancing in my seat’ all night!)

IncludeThe Magic of Motown - The Reach Out Tours all-time favourites; Stop in the Name of Love; Get Ready; I Want You Back; I Heard It Through The Grapevine; Signed, Sealed, Delivered; I Can’t Help Myself & more. Sixties classics give way to present-day masterpieces from Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.

It’s £22.50, payable in advance by the December monthly meeting (cash or cheque).  If we can get a group discount, then any savings will be used to help people share cars and parking costs (and maybe go towards a drink).

So, book your place now – at the October, November or December monthly meeting.


Leicestershire Craft Centre – October’s meeting

Join us at the Congregational Church Hall, Bowden Lane at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 16 October for a craft evening.  This will be lead by Leicestershire Craft Centre.  Members will be making a necklace and a charm for a handbag.  There is a small charge of £2 towards the cost of materials, which will be supplied on the night.

Chocoholics Evening – pure indulgence!

Pure indulgence!  Superb fun!  That’s the verdict from members and guests of the Market Harborough WI who made the Chocoholics Evening on the 2nd October such a success.

‘A cracking evening, with everyone enjoying themselves’ says Hazel Stacey, President.  ‘There was loads for people to do, including Chocolate Bingo and Chocolate Olympics.  All the games involved chocolate, whether it be a jigsaw, building the tallest tower or icing a cake blindfolded!’
A recent visit to a cash and carry had raided their chocolate ranges!  Then followed a sweatshop evening when committee members sorted and bagged prizes, nibbling any leftovers.  For the Chocoholics Evening prizes formed the basis of various competitions, including Name the Teddy and Treasure Chest.  The first to sell out was Chocolate Tombola.
Several members made gorgeous chocolate cakes and our tastebuds were in heaven as we sampled them and voted for the best one.
Everyone joined in to play Chocolate Bingo followed by Chocolate Olympics.  Players from each team took turns to build a chocolate tower, complete a chocolate bar jigsaw, eat a chocolate mint balanced on their forehead, transfer chocolate ball sweets from one dish to another using a straw and, finally, to decorate a cake with cream and coloured sweets (the trick? – to do it blindfolded!).
Winning team

Winning team

Local stallholders shared their wares.  All were MHWI members:
FarrinHeight Foods, vegetarian catering

FarrinHeight Foods, vegetarian catering

Melody Cakes

Melody Cakes

 Mandy’s Treats (sweet trees, candy bouquets/wreaths) – Amanda McCoy: 07791 883 929.
Mandy's Treats

Mandy’s Treats

Hazel concludes, ‘Off to bed to dream of the chocolate that didn’t touch my lips.’ (A confirmed chocoholic, she is doing a ‘giving up’ fund raising event for work this month.  Not a good time to stage the Chocoholics evening!