Colour makes a difference

Jo Round, image consultant, was the speaker for last Wednesday’s April meeting.  Evanda Greenwood, Committee Member, reports, ‘The main thing Jo focused on was that “colour makes a difference” and that was what she concentrated on really.’
‘She got some ladies up and swatched them in colours that didn’t suit them then changed them to “their colours” and we had to see if we could get it right.  It was very interesting!  Also she said that there are dominant colour “types” – light, deep, warm, cook, clear and soft and depending on one’s complexion.  The colours should match.
Jo concluded, “Clothes and makeup are a form of communication and should be representative of who you are”.  We should always dress appropriately for any given occasion’.
Click to find out more about Jo Round at Creative Confidence.
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Dairy Farm Visit – last chance to book tonight

The next social event is for the Dairy Farm Visit which is on 7th May 2014.  It begins at 7pm and finishes around 9pm with refreshments. There is a walk up the fields to see the cows grazing etc, and then around the farm buildings to see the baby calves and the milking parlour. Jane would recommend wellingtons, as there’s always plenty of cow poo about!   It is £5 per person payable at tonight’s monthly meeting.

The postcode for SatNav’s is LE14 2PS. Plenty of car parking in the farmyard which is right at the end of Church Lane.

Skittles evening – meal choices needed now!

For those coming to the skittles night next week at Kibworth (Railway Arms) can you please let Evand Greenwood, Social Secretary, know if you are going to be eating.  She needs to let the publican know as soon as she can. You can choose from:
Veggie lasagne
Meat lasagne
Sausage and mash
Gammon (with EITHER egg or pineapple)
Shepherds pie
You can have either chips or jacket spud with your choice (apart from the saus and mash)
The food is usually around £5 and it’s lovely!
7.00pm The Railway Kibworth.
Reply in  the next couple of days to: