Catch up on what’s happening at Market Harborough WI

Clare Farquhar, our lively new President, brought members up to date on several ‘Whow’ activities forthcoming at Market Harborough WI earlier this week.  If you missed them, or there were just too many to take them all in, then carry on reading:

Refreshments rota – committee member Jill is no longer in post.  Members were asked to volunteer each month to help with refreshments.  After that, everyone will be put on the rota (your name will appear about every 2 years with current membership).  A committee member will be on hand, if you are unsure what to do.  Contact us to volunteer now.

Barn dance to mark WI Centenary year in 2015.  Disbanded for a variety of logistical and cost reasons.  Do you have an idea for a  celebration?  Contact us.

Embroiderer for MHWI ‘brick’ – Gemma kindly offered to cross stitch this and put us on the Centenary wall hanging at the Leicestershire and Rutland Federation of WIs in Leicester.  Let us have a picture of the ‘brick’ when you’ve finished, Gemma.

Denman Dip – names and £1 to Fiona Thompson to stand a chance of winning this 2 night treat worth £250.

Tea and Tents 2015 – amazing national event all booked up just days after these became live.  Put your name on the waiting list now.

Social Media – definitely the way forward for finding out what’s planned and to share information with other Market Harborough WI members.  Like us now on Twitter and Facebook.  Follow us on this website (click link on News page to lower right hand side).  Make sure Patsy, our membership secretary, has your up to date email.

Social event in January 2015 – watch the News page for details of new event being planned.

Make a fascinator – 13 May 2015, cost £25, deposit of £5 needed by January meeting to Fiona Thompson.



Dream homework for Market Harborough WI members?

Norma Blakey and her colleague, Stuart Hague, took members on a thought provoking journey last night, asking members if they dreamed, and, if so, what about?  Were there recurring themes?  What did these mean?

Apparently, we all dream every 90 minutes.    If we are deprived of sleep, then this leads to irritability, difficulty in thinking, etc.    Dreaming is an essential part of the way our bodies work.  Dreams give us time to reflect and focus on what is on our minds, good and stressed.  Norma encouraged members to stand back and reflect on the content of dreams and put yourself in the ‘I’ position of what was happening in the dream.  Um … , time for some homework each morning?

Thanks to Stuart, too, for demonstrating the art of dowsing.

Support your local high street

cropped-mh-christmas-lights-31.jpgThe National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) is running a great campaign to support our high streets. As many of you already know, we have a wonderful high street with many independent shops. In order to promote our local businesses, we are sourcing nearly all the prizes for our fantastic Christmas Raffle from shops and businesses based in Market Harborough.

Watch this space for those who have been kind enough to donate to our Christmas 2014 raffle and please support them by shopping locally whenever you can.