Skittles evening 11 March

The Railway Arms at Kibworth Harcourt (6 Station Street, LE8 0LN) is the venue for the next skittles evening, starting at 7 pm on Wednesday 11 March 2015.  Optional pub meal, approx. £5/£6, payable on the day.  Hope to see you there.  Names urgently to: Contact Us.



Amazing array of crafted items from recycled materials

Recycling (1)-w500-h500Sue Drage amazed members this week with her vast range of items made from recycled items.  It was ingenious what could be made from items such as old bottles, plastic bags, drinks cans, sweet wrappers, magazines, old t shirts, paper clips, CDs, egg boxes and ties.

Sue has developed these crafty skills in recent years, making items for her own use, others to sell and has also been asked to go into schools to work with children.  She even knits using old plastic carrier bags as ‘yarn.’    Her most bizarre request has been to make a spacesuit for a chicken!

Sue utilises her card making skills as well as her knowledge of origami.  Tools include a hot glue gun, PVA glue, clear nail varnish, sellotape and cling film.

Thanks, too, to Sue’s husband, Richard, for coming along to help set up her display.

Recycling (4)-w500-h500

Bags, jars, bird feeder and cases from clear plastic bottles.

Recycling (3)-w500-h500

Tote bags made from drinks cartons (left) and crisp packets (right)

Recycling (2)-w500-h500

Decorative ‘shoes’ modelled on real shoes – layers of cling film, sellotape plus decorations. Bracelet from folded paper (no glue).

Recycling (5)-w500-h500

Sue’s favourite bag made from flattened drinks cans


Diary date Saturday 7 March 2015

How about going along to the Leicestershire and Rutland Federation of WI’s Annual Meeting at the Grammar School, Great Glen?  Speakers include Angela Rippon, reported to be ‘excellent’.  Tickets £10 and opportunities for lift sharing.

Market Harborough WI member Vicky (not committee member Vicky) is entering the cooking competition.  Gemma Underwood’s embroidered Centenary brick will also be on display.  There will be activities, too, for visitors to join in.  Contact a Committee Member at the February meeting to buy your ticket.

International WIs – do you have a contact?

WI Centenary logo eeD5k3OX_400x400Let’s get networking with some WIs across the world in this Centenary year.  Do you have a friend or family member who is in the WI or its equivalent (sometimes called Women’s Rural Institutes or Country Women’s Association) that would like to be in touch with Market Harborough WI?  If so, maybe send them an email now, or use social media, and let a Committee Member know how you get on.  We will need the contact details, too.  Am sure we can make excellent use of our website/blog, Facebook, email and Twitter to make this idea happen.