Reminder to support Fairtrade fortnight

FairtradeLogoBig-w500-h500Market Harborough has been a Fairtrade Town for 10 years!  Local shops will be supporting Fairtrade Fortnight from 29 February to 13 March, so do look out for special events in shops and businesses when you are out and about.


Diane is ‘Star Letter’ in WI Life

Check out page 9 of the March issue which is dropping through letterboxes right now: Diane Claridge is Star Letter.  Daugher, Laura Brown, and friend, Victoria Atkinson, are pictured.  Congratulations!

Topped by 3 generations being at WI last Wednesday when Diane’s mother/Vicky’s grandmother came, too, as a visitor.


Laura and Vicky

Owls to behold – it certainly was!

Tony Hewitt and his collection of rescued owls certainly held members’ attention last night.

Tony certainly knows all there is to know about these beautiful birds that come in different colours and sizes: food preferences, preying on other creatures, doing makeovers on other birds’ nests and lifespans of 25 to 45+ years.  His talks help Tony raise money to feed and keep the 20+ owls.  To find out more check out his website Owls to Behold

Last question – what’s the name of a group if owls?  Tip: Westminster


Things to remember for tonight’s meeting


This year is already proving to be living up to our President’s strap line, ‘Bigger and Bolder‘!  So here are a few reminders:

  • Bring a favourite book you would like to donate to tonight’s monthly raffle?  It’s simple: donate a book (it must be in excellent condition) and you will receive a numbered raffle ticket.  At the end of the evening you will pick up a new title with a corresponding number.
  • Pick up that pile of unwanted bras and new pants for our Smalls for Africa collection.
  • Put unwanted jewellery items in a bag and put them in our collection for Treasure that Heart.
  • Have you paid your sub for 2016?  If not, this is the very last month, so bring your cheque book or some cash.  You can also do a bank transfer.

Needed – unwanted bras and new pants!

bra and pantsClearing out your winter wardrobe?  Come across bras that didn’t fit or you just don’t like.   Then we have a use for them!  They can be teen bras or nursing bras, too.

We also need new pants.  Next time you buy some, pick up a spare pack, too. These can be for children aged 3 to 15 years or womens’, sizes 8 to 16.

Bring them along to a monthly meeting in February, March or April.  We’re collecting for Smalls for Africa.  We’ll be sending off our collection after the April meeting.  You can also speak to Vicky Watts at the next monthly meeting or email:

Smalls for Africa Facebook page