Meanwhile at the Allotment…

It has been a while since the last update, but the Gardening Girls are still here at the allotment. We just have been really busy.

Despite the odd weather this year we have had another successful summer. The raspberries have not disappointed, beans in abundance, yellow courgettes (they have quite a different taste) and Beetroot, which are delicious roasted or boiled.

On the other hand our experiments this summer remain very much that, sadly!! The peanuts and Okra made a short appearance but then faded away again and that was that. The aubergines were the best we have managed so far – just extremely small. And the loofahs are just hanging on, literally. But it was fun watching them all and we’ll try again next year if we can work out what went wrong this time round. This year it has been a learning curve again – but such great fun.

Although autumn harvesting is all but over, we have quite a few crops still growing: cabbages, brussels sprouts, parsnips, celeriac, jerusalem artichokes and leeks are all still looking promising. While we wait for them we have started the winter planting with broad beans and onions. We are also busy putting the rest of the plots to ‘bed’, weeding, digging and then covering with weed suppressant ready for a good sleep and recovery until spring.

Plans for next year include more fruit bushes, we removed a few that had not been productive. We will try peas again. Plus plant more flowers around the ‘upper terrace’, all from seed or propagation.

Trial crops will include spaghetti squash, ginger, Romanesco, plus anything else that springs to mind!! We look forward to next year, and in particular the ‘planning’ sessions at Farndon Fields!!

Happy Halloween!

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