County WI Events 2017

Up to date details of what is happening in the County:

County Diary 2017

Check out the Leicestershire and Rutland Federation page.  Some of their events are being held around the county, including Seagrave Savouries, Indoor Bowls (Loughborough) and Beautiful Blossoms and Bakes (Brooksby)

Tea and Tents alternative offer for 2017.  What about this brilliant offer for getting together with fellow WI members in 2017 and getting away for a weekend? It’s local, too.  Women’s Institute & Friends Included 16th – 18th June ‘17: wifi-flier-for-emailing      Check out Sheepy WIs FB page

Strawberry and Wine evening, Wednesday 21 June 2017 organised by Sapcote WI.  Flower demonstration, too.  Proceeds to Rainbows.  Strawberrypostera5pshborderjune2017TONYBROWN