Other WI Programmes and Activities

Denman College

The well-known WI Denman College offered an exciting range of courses – from cookery, craft and art to ‘lifestyle’ subject such as history, exercise, walking and gardening. Since the Covid-19 restrictions have made it impossible to hold courses at the property, the Denman College site had to close, but  their program has been moved on-line and is offered via Zoom. Please visit their website at https://www.denman.org.uk/ for their latest course list and information on how to join.

In addition, some enterprising members have set up the ‘Unofficial WI’ (or UWI for short) on Facebook to bring together members with common interests across the whole of the national WI network.

The UWI Facebook Group Image

You can join the group and any of the special interest groups via the UWI facebook page –  just log in to your Facebook account and search for UWI, ask to join the group and the administrator will give you access. A list of the various subgroups is available here. 

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