Joining the WI

How can I join?

Come along and try us out for £3 per session.  A committee member will welcome you.  You can be a visitor for 2 meetings, then you must become a member.  Annual fees are shown below.  Once paid up, new members are entitled to vote or stand for election to committee immediately.

membership formmembership-application-form-2017 or ask a Committee member for one or pick one up at the signing in desk at the next monthly meeting.

Questions on membership

* Membership fee for 2017 – £39.00

This is for annual membership and runs from 1 January to 31 December each year.

When can I pay?  Payment can be made from October onwards each year.  The fee is due by 31 December.  Valerie and Anne will be collecting this at the January meeting on the 25th. But if you are not able to attend then, the last date for payment will be the Februar y 22nd meeting (or your name will be taken off the membership list  and we don’t want to lose you!).

We accept payment by cash and cheques payable to Market Harborough WI.  If you want to pay by bank transfer the sort code is 40-32-04 and the account number 91732404.  Please enter your full name next to payment reference, eg Anne Smith, so that we can track the payment.

What happens to my fee? £19 is retained by Market Harborough WI (to meet local costs, eg venue hire and speaker costs).  £8.80 goes the Leicestershire and Rutland Federation, and £11.20 goes to the National Federaton of Womens’ Institutes (NFWI).

What happens if I join after 1 April?  New members joining the WI for the first time, i.e. who have not previously been a member of any WI in the past 10 years, will pay a pro-rata subscription depending on the quarter in which they join. The rate per quarter is below.

 1 Jan – 31 March  = £39.00
1 April – 30 June = £29.25
1 July – 30 Sept = £19.50
1 Oct – 31 Dec = £9.75

What about if I am already a member of another WI or want to join a second WI?  You pay £19 annual membership to any second WI for which you are a member.  This is retained by the local WI, part of your first full £39.00 already been apportioned to local and national federations.  There is no pro-rata fee for dual membership.

How old do I have to be to join the WI?  18 years old

Benefits of joining the WI