10303783_10152354873204654_551479941973086446_n-w500-h500Thank you to Evanda Greenwood for her write up of the farm visit last week (you will remember Jane Barnes spoke to us last year, telling us all about the life of a dairy farmer’s wife):
‘Anyway, Farm visit was great. Jane Barnes was a great host and we all ambled across the fields to see all of the cows. The Barnes’ have roughly 300 acres and the art of dairy farming is extremely technical to say the least.  It was a lovely evening and we all thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much.’
‘They have about 130 milking cows in the herd, most of them being pedigree Ayrshire and these need feeding twice a day.’
To quote from the Farm’s website, “They produce 725,000 ltrs of milk per year and it  is sold on contract to Clawson Dairies to be made into Stilton Cheese.  The aim is to send 2000 ltrs of milk to the dairy everyday.  It’s collected by a tanker lorry and taken to Clawson to be pasturised before its made into cheese.”‘
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Not sure of the significance of the time picture – maybe Evanda can explain?