Book ‘Angels’ on Monday, 16 April 2018

booksThe next meeting of Book ‘Angels’ will be held at The Angel Hotel, Market Harborough, starting at 8pm on the above date.

We will be discussing ‘Red Sparrow’ by Jason Matthews – an espionage thriller and now a major film, starring Jennifer Lawrence.


Our next book for May will be a non-fiction choice –  ‘Consider the Fork’  by Bee Wilson – a history of how we cook and eat.   This looks at how different culinary inventions and gadgets have shaped the way we think about food and cook.

New members and occasional members will be made very welcome.   Even if you haven’t had time to read or finish the book and just fancy a night out – just turn up!  We can be found in the lower bar at The Angel Hotel.

For further information, contact Valerie Hitchcox:




Tea Blending on 5th April 2018

Teablending4Gemma, one of our Craft Club members,  gave a very informative talk about types of tea and described how and where it is grown with photographs and samples of white, black, green and oolong tea.  Apparently, Rooibos tea is not made from the tea plant at all, but from a South African thistle!  We also saw a bag of tea that by weight was more expensive than gold!


The blooming tea began as a tight ball placed into hot water and opened up to reveal a delicate flower.  We then had a chance to mix these teas with a choice of fruits, herbs or flavours like beetroot, almond and sticky toffee and tie them into our own tea bags.


We came away with a pack of information telling us about the appropriate temperatures that should be used for making different types of tea and a colour wheel to help sort the various flavours.



Well done, Gemma!   What a fascinating hobby!

Heather Jacks – Winner of Great British Sewing Bee (2014)

We had a bumper turnout last week for Heather Jacks, Winner of the Great British Sewing Bee in 2014.

GBSB - Heather Jacks2 - 28-03-2018

She gave us a very amusing and insightful look at life behind the scenes of this reality TV show.      She described the various interviews she had to undergo before being accepted for the show.   When asked what was the most unusual item she had made – she described how she had decorated a cardboard coffin for her mother in art deco style!

Heather described the very long, tiring days the contestants had to endure and the pressure of working with a huge number of cameras pointing at them all the time, just waiting for them to go wrong!

Heather also brought in some of the items she made on the show, so we were able to admire her sewing skills for ourselves and handle the gorgeous, but challenging fabrics, she had chosen for her garments.






The next meeting of Craft Club will be this Thursday, 5th April 2018, between 7pm to 9pm, in The Lounge at the Congregational Church, Market Harborough.home-cup-tea-hot_Vector_Clipart-w500-h500


One of the Craft Club members will be talking about the fascinating subject of ‘Tea Blending and Tasting’.

New members always welcome.

Contact Sarah Trappitt :


Tonight at Market Harborough WI!

Don’t forget tonight’s big event at MHWI is a talk from Heather Jacks, Winner of the Great British Sewing Bee in 2014.   Many of our members are looking forward to hearing Heather talking to us about her time on the show and life post-GBSB.

Also, don’t forget to buy your tickets for our major fundraising Fashion Show and Shopping Event on Tuesday, 15th May 2018 at 7.30 pm at Market Harborough Theatre.   Price £7.00 each.

See you there!


Bake Club

Great Fun at Skittles Night!

Table skittles2edited - Bull at Clipson - 21-03-2018

Eighteen members turned up at the Bull at Clipston on 21 March 2018 for a fun evening of table (or bar) skittles.   Both teams put up an impressive performance, but the ‘Cheeses’  team just managed to edge into first place, as the ‘Biscuits’ team crumbled under the pressure!   No doubt a re-match will be demanded in the not too distance future!   The food was also lovely, with huge portions!

Table skittles2 - Bull at Clipson - 21-03-2018

Many thanks to Jan Cooper for organising.