Jamtastic! Your help is needed, too

carnival apr 15-w500-h500Our first carnival craft night was “jamtastic”!  Not the traditional WI jam making technique, but the wallpaper paste gave just the right consistency!!

Annabel and Gemma had great fun experimenting to get just the right colours.  We have damson, raspberry and apricot (which has some lumps in  it which looks very authentic!).

Victoria, Janice and Linda snipped and fixed the lids.  Thanks to Linda for supplying such lovely fabric.

Patsy and I have been looking through our list of needs and ladies that would like to join in the carnival fun.  Our next craft night will be cake making.  We need bath and car sponges,  blocks of polystyrene, sheets of foam, anything we can shape and turn into a variety of gateaux!!  All donations gratefully received.  If you would like to join in this evening a date will be announced at the next meeting.

We are still looking for volunteers to help us out on carnival day June 13th.  Please sign up, we are having so much fun, but we do need more people!! So please let email marketharboroughwi@gmail.com if you want to join in or have materials to donate.