Followers of Richard III reinterment

You may be interested in these events:

I  write as I thought some of your members might be interested to know more about the craftsmanship that went into the tomb and other elements of the works that were made as part of Richard III’s reinterment.  We are holding a series of discussions next month and these will include:

–    the maker of the richly embroidered Coffin Pall, Jacquie Binns (Tuesday 6 October);

–    the stonemason who carved the tombstone for Richard III, James Elliott (Tuesday 13 October);

–    the creator of the coat of arms using ancient techniques of pietra dura, Thomas Greenaway (Tuesday 20 October) and

–    the designer of the new stained glass window, Tom Denny (Tuesday 27 October). 

These will all take place in the Cathedral at 2-3pm.   Tickets will be available on the door or purchased in advance from  Might someone be able to forward to members?  Please do let me know if you have any queries about these.

With best wishes, and thanks,

Claire Recordon
0116 261 5344
Marketing & Development Officer
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