All shot out at Laser Force!

‘Nuked’, ‘targets’, ‘rapid fire’ and ‘warbotic’ were all new terms we came across when a group of us visited Laser Force in Northampton last night.  Some of us learned them alot quicker than others and how to use them to score loads more points, as well as how to fire accurately at opponents to give them ‘time out’ (simply meaning they couldn’t fire for a few seconds and get you back!).

It was great fun running around the obstacles in the semi-darkness and ‘forest’, trying to hit targets to score lots of extra points, firing at others and hiding to avoid being hit yourself.  Our host at Laser Force ably and humorously briefed us before each of the 3 games, before taking us into the armoury each time to put on the harness and get your ‘gun’.  What I didn’t realise initially was that each piece of armour was named.  After each game we had a debrief in front of a computer screen showing everyone’s scores and how many targets they had hit (or not)!  Good fun and a chance to meet new people!