Help us to remove the old Facebook group

Are you still a member of the original MHWI Facebook group?  If so, we would like you to remove yourself, and follow us on the new group.  Then we can close the old group.  About 30 people still need to do this.

14 Jan
Dear All,By the way, if you have not yet removed yourself from the old Market Harborough WI facebook group (for those who weren’t there at the last committee meeting, we need to do this in order to close the old group), please do the following:

1. Go to your newsfeed page in Facebook
2. You will see the groups you belong to listed on the left hand side of the page
3. Move your cursor to the right hand side of the “Market Harborough WI” listing and go to the righthand side of the screen, to the cogged wheel icon.
4. Click on the cogand several options should appear. The bottom one will be “Leave Group”.
5. Select that option and follow the prompts to confirm.
6. If that doesn’t work, consult a teenager.