Flower power

Nelly Moser, my garden, 25 May 12 (2)-w500-h500June’s meeting visiting speaker was Norma Blakey.  Hazel Stacey, President, reports, ‘I was interested in this particular speaker simply as I had never heard of flower reading before.  Everyone had picked a flower from their garden and placed it in a paper bag.  Norma then chose a bag at random and gently cupped it in her hands and somehow got feelings/ vibes from it.’

‘It was fascinating that Norma could feel things from a flower picked from someone’s garden and could, in certain examples, get people’s personalities down to a tea.’

‘I was amazed how she was able to tell if someone had had a sore throat for months and had just been to the doctors that week about it and another person who is in a lull and has been for sometime and when asked if this is correct the lady said yes!’

‘ Very, very interesting night.  So much so that I am hoping to get a small group of ladies together to have individual flower readings with Norma.’