Ready to get Pickled? Wednesday, 22nd August 2018.

Yes!   We’re back!   MHWI’s monthly meetings restart next Wednesday, 22nd August at 7.30 pm, after the summer break.

Our speaker will be Camille Ortega McLean who will be inspiring us to get ‘pickled’ with her talk about her award winning businessThe Pickled Village’which makes chutneys, relishes, jams and marmalades.   Apparently, these are based on ‘British traditional favourites with an internationally inspired twist’.

Sound delicious!   Can’t wait!

pickled village


Hopefully, see you all on Wednesday!



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NO Monthly Meeting in July!

Please remember there will be NO monthly meeting of the Market Harborough WI next Wednesday because of the Summer Break.

However, there are still plenty of things going on!    Most of our clubs will still be meeting in August (apart from Craft Club) and there is the Wistow Rural Centre Family day out to enjoy on 18th August and the trip to Leicester University’s Botanic Gardens on 13th September.

Please keep an eye on our website for further details and reminders

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Last Week at Market Harborough WI

Health Kick - Louise MerciecaLots going on at Market Harborough WI’s Monthly Meeting last Wednesday.

Our main event was our speaker, Louise Mercieca of The Health Kick, who came along to talk to us about healthy eating, particularly the importance of trying to reduce sugar in our diets.

Louise, a nutrition expert, explained that sugar is the leading cause of weight gain, 2nd biggest cause of cancer, is linked to Type 2 diabetes, and can lead to bad gut bacteria.

She also pointed out that a healthy diet is not just important for our physical health but also for our mental health as well.     An unhealthy diet can cause changes in our mood, leading to addictive tendencies.   Our self-esteem can be affected.   Also unhealthy eating is thought to have links to memory impairment and dementia.

Everytime a population adopts a Western-style diet it gets sick!

Louise was particularly passionate about ensuring that children learn to develop good eating habits at a very early age.   She told us that one in four five year old children have tooth decay in their milk teeth.   A quarter of children aged 2 to 10 years old are overweight or obese.   She has written a book, especially aimed at children – ‘How Food Shapes Your Child‘:

How-Food-shapes-your child book


She went on to explain that it is accepted among many scientists and health professionals that this generation will not live as long as the one before due to lifestyle choices and the associated diseases.

If you would like further information about how to purchase Louise’s  book or help with reversing these alarming trends, Louise can be contacted at The Health Kick as follows:

Tel:  07557 343896
NFWI 2018 Resolution – ‘Mental Health Matters’
We also had a visit from Rita of North Kilworth WI who reported back from her visit as our delegate to the National Federation of Women’s Institute’s Annual Conference on 6th June 2018 in Cardiff.
The resolution ‘Mental Health Matters‘ was adopted by the NFWI with an overwhelming 98% of the votes.
Further information can be found on the NFWI website:
Emma Bridgewater Pottery arrives!
Last, but by no means, least!    The pots we decorated ourselves at the Emma Bridgewater factory in May arrived!     Feel proud everyone!  See some of the fantastic creations below:
Emma Bridgewater - our pots
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Next Monthly Meeting at MHWI -Wednesday, 27th June 2018.

Lots of things for you to think about before next week’s meeting!

First of all, are you addicted to sugar?   Do you suffer from the 3 pm slump? Come and hear what this month’s speaker,  Louise Mercieca of The Health Kick’, has to say about how to beat the sugar urge and keep your body nutritionally balanced and healthy.


Also, please don’t forget we are having a ‘Book Sale’ so we would be very grateful for donations of any books you no longer need.   These could be fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, cookery books, craft books etc – the more variety, the better!

Books will then be on sale for £1 each or three books for £2 – a great chance to stock up on your holiday reading!

Book Sale2



However, all the Clubs will still be running and there are several social events you can enjoy – further details coming soon.


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Social and Resolutions Evening this Wednesday, 25 April 2018.

We have an action packed evening planned for you this Wednesday, 25th April 2018, at MHWI’s Monthly Meeting.

First of all, we will be considering the WI’s next proposed campaign entitled ‘Mental Health Matters‘.   Our delegate, Rita, will be attending to collect our views on the feasibility of this proposed resolution, which she will take forward to the National Federation of WI’s Annual Meeting in June 2018.   (Details of  this resolution can be found  in your copy of WI Life Magazine dated April 2018, page 19.)



Secondly, we hope to have time for some fun activities and socialising over a ‘Dutch Supper’ – a great chance to get to know each other a little better.    Don’t forget to bring some savoury or sweet nibbles and a drink+glass.

Thirdly,  you will be able to buy tickets for our fundraising ‘Fashion Show and Shopping Event’ to be held at Market Harborough Theatre on Tuesday, 15th May 2018.    You can bring friends along too!    Only £7 per ticket, which includes a drink.

See you there!


Photography Talk last Wednesday

On Wednesday, 24th January 2018, MHWI members were entertained by Glen Tillyard’s fascinating tales from his 30 year career as a professional press photographer with the Leicester Mercury.

DSC_0350Glen talked about how being in the right place at the right time resulted him getting the shot that led to the start of his career.  He went on to describe some of the more hair-raising situations he found himself in taking photos, such as precariously climbing up scaffolding or trying to take photos from a plane that was doing somersaults!

He talked about the famous celebrities and royalty he had met during his long career.  His one regret was that ‘selfies’ were not the thing at the time, so he had no personal record of these encounters!

DSC_0348Glen is also a well respected local photography tutor, based at Smeeton Westerby.  See his website for further stunning photographs and/or to book courses:



christmas-party-w500-h500MHWI’s Christmas Party this year will be on Wednesday, 20th December at 7.30 pm.

Come and join in the festive fun with music, games and a Dutch supper.  Look out your Christmas jumpers,  reindeer and elf hats too!

Bring a plate of food to share and don’t forget your favourite tipple and a glass!

See you there!