Make something happen – have your say on NFWI resolutions 2015

MHWI members recently indicated their preference on which resolution the National Federation of WIs should be campaigning on in 2015.  The results to date are below.  We will be reducing this to a shortlist of 2 or 3 in March and voting again to decide which resolution will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting in June! Every vote counts!  If you want to know more, there’s an easy to read link to a short summary of each resolution at the foot of this post.

1. Next 100 years. 3
2. Plant a tree. 2
3. Public access to defibrillators. 5
4. Failing to care. 16
5. Food waste. 3
6. FGM. 19
7. Curb antibiotics. 4

Brief details on 2015 proposed resolutions