Meeting tonight

There’s loads happening tonight!

Tonight is Resolutions Night, when members get their chance to have a say on the proposed lobbying issues by the National Federation of WIs.  This year, the two to choose from are ‘Alleviating loneliness’ and, secondly, ‘Plastic soup: keeping microplastic fibres out of our oceans’.  More details on pages 20-21 of the April issue of WI Life.

Cheese and wine evening tonight

We’ll be making this into a fun evening, too, helped along with cheese and wine for all members.  Bring a bottle of your favourite tipple and a couple of glasses, too, to share with other members.  Tea and coffee available at the start of the evening (but no refreshments).

  • Raffle – a floral garden theme
  • Sale of nearly new bags and scarves (MHWI fund raiser)
  • Planning to go on the boat trip in June or Paintpottle – have cash or cheque with you.

See you there!


Brush up your driving skills (Midlands course)

NFWI have sent out the following invitation and MHWI members may well be interested in this successful course with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).  There is a fairly local one being held on Saturday 16 September 2017 at the British Motor Museum, Gayton, Warwickshire:

Following the overwhelming success of last year’s Driving Days, held in conjunction with the IAM RoadSmart, the NFWI Science & Leisure Committee is pleased to confirm that two further days will be taking place in 2017.

Please find attached a document advertising the two driving days, as well as a Booking Form.  Both documents are available to download from the WI Moodle under General/Sport and Leisure.

This year’s driving days will cover topics such as how to control a car in bad weather and how to drive with passenger distractions (precious cargo).  We have also listened to previous suggestions, made by members, and have not only lengthen the practical driving time session, but all members will now be allocated an IAM professional for the duration of their time in the car; this professional will work with the member to develop their parking and manoeuvring skills as well as adapt the practical driving time to concentrate on the needs and requirements of each member i.e. motorway driving, junctions, country roads etc.

Please note that the location of these events has been based within the areas which have received the highest level of interest from members.  We would like to encourage members to continue registering their interest (via email to, so that we can continue to build our database and accurately map suitable venues for the future.

Places are limited at 60 per venue and it is anticipated that both days will book up fast.  Places will be allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis and members are advised to book quickly in order to secure their place.

Application Form 2017

IAM Advert 2017


Do you have a life story to tell?

WI LIFE are looking for stories for a series of features in this national magazine.  Click for full details: wi-life-story-suggestion-form

Currently they are working on:

The Friendship Issue

We’re planning a series of features about different aspects of friendship – please consider the ideas below and see if one of them resonates with you. If so, get in touch.

·         Tell us how your WI friendships have impacted your life for the better, with solid examples (i.e. a friend encouraged you to stop procrastinating and take a course; or perhaps was there for you when you were grieving or recovering from illness). 

·         Do you have a WI friend you’d like to champion for being a true friend in your time of need? And if so, what did she do that was so special?

·         What are the five qualities a great WI friend possesses? 


It happened to me

We want to hear about a defining moment in your career. Maybe you’re retired now, but in your time at work you had some nail biting moments where you were able to make a difference – or make people laugh or feel special? We know many members have had colourful careers. Tell us about your pivotal moment – perhaps something that would surprise others…


You joined the WI?!

If you’re under 35 and your friends raised an eyebrow at your joining the WI, you’re not alone. But, what do they know? We’d like to interview members who are juggling their work/family/social life and find time to thrive in the WI. Maybe you set up a WI at 20, or perhaps it brings something to your life you just don’t get anywhere else. If this sounds like you please get in touch, send us a photo and a brief description of your WI involvement.



Lucy Collins

Staff Writer, WI Life


0207 731 5777 ext 220

The Stray – WI discounted book offer

An email from National WI says, “We were delighted to see a fantastic review of THE STRAYS by Emily Bitto featured in the Nov/Dec edition of WI Life magazine. WI Life Reviews editor Jackie Wilkin commented: ‘The writing is exquisite, rich in imagery and atmosphere, yet never losing the narrative drive. One to keep.'”

“To celebrate the review, we would be delighted to offer WI members a special discount on the book. We are offering the book for £5.00 (including UK p&p), normal rrp £8.99 + postage. We would really appreciate you sharing this link with your membershttp://www.legendtimesgroup. wi-life-special-reader-offer.  (The lini is to the full WI Life magazine review).”