Latest news on speakers at WI Centennial Fair in Harrogate

WI Centenary logo eeD5k3OX_400x400If you are still deciding on whether to go to the WI Centennial Fair, then maybe the latest news of the exciting list of speakers will sway you.

Highlights include Bill Oddie talking about his travel adventures, Dr Hilary Jones giving top tips on health and wellbeing, BTO’s guide to attracting birds to your back garden, Telegraph beauty editor Kate Shapland’s beauty industry insights, Great British Bake Off star Luis Troyano’s bread making masterclass and more insightful cookery demonstrations from highly-skilled chefs including Peter Lien, Mary Gwynn and Anne Harrison. 

Check out the post on 19 May 2015 for details of the coach trip from Leicestershire or get chatting to your fellow WI members and arrange to share a car.