Portillo and Prizes!

Saturday 12th March was a very proud day for MHWI. President Clare, Secretary Isabel, Membership Secretary Patsy and Vicky Atkinson (from the “naughty corner”) all attended the  Federation ACM at Leicester Grammar School.  A day of entertaining speakers and a plethera of competitions to be entered.

After the usual WI meeting business of the day, Timothy Diggle from the Leicestershire Hospitals Charity started the speeches. He gave an insight into the need for charitable donations to the NHS to help with the quality of care. 

Jenny Gilbert of AJ Atkinson, gave a very interesting and humorous account of the preparations, trepidations and achievements of having the honour of being the Funeral Directors for the interment of King Richard III. Her speech was accompanied by pictures of the practice sessions they did in secret and snapshots of the day from her personal point of view.

Before lunch we were also given an education into the workings of the House Of Lords.

But the main event was certainly after lunch!  Vicky spotted Michael Portillo, wearing a scarlet jacket and blue trousers, and she was off in true paparazzi style! She managed to snap him 😃,but not to meet him 😩.

Then we were summoned to the hall. The prize giving was the first item on the afternoon agenda.  They started with the Membership Bell…who won? MHWI!!! Who handed Clare the prize?…Michael Portillo!! A very proud moment for us all, but slightly gutting for Vicky!

The Membership Bell is given to the WI with the most new members for the previous year. Clare and the committee are extremely proud to have achieved this award.  It is a result of all the hard work that has been put into all the events that were arranged last year; our fabulous website thanks to Helen Salisbury; and our continual work to provide entertaining and inspirational meetings.  Well done to us all!
After all the other prizes, they pulled the Denman Dip, a prize of £200 towards a course at our beloved Denman. Whose name did they call? Isabel Aldrich!! There was a lot of whooping and cheering from the back. Congratulations Isabel!
Michael Portillo then amused us all with anecdotes of his days in politics and his continuing career in TV.  He was very captivating, eloquent and entertaining.

All the ladies would agree that it was a superb day and well worth attending.  Our mission for next year is to ensure that MHWI enters some of the many competitions to show off some of our talented ladies, and you never know, bring home a few more prizes!