Social Evening at Leicestershire Craft Centre

Last night members enjoyed a really fun and creative evening run by the very helpful Kathryn at Leicestershire Craft Centre in Market Harborough.   Members had the choice of three different activities:

Machine Sewn Cards

Members quickly dived into the stash of material provided and came up with their own innovative ideas for cards:

2018-02-20 Leics Craft Centre52018-02-20 Leics Craft Centre2

2018-02-20 Leics Craft Centre6


Transform everyday articles, boxes, crockery, with strips of paper and diluted PVA glue, into new and decorative objects.

2018-02-20 Leics Craft Centre3


Want to have a go and get a bit messy!   Oil based paints added to a washing up bowl of water, and swirled round, before dropping in your paper, fabric, bauble for a few seconds.   Not as easy as it looks but great fun!

2018-02-20 Leics Craft Centre4