Virtual Craft Club

The first week of the month usually is Craft Club week for our members and so before you all get withdrawal symptoms here is this month’s Virtual Craft Club edition. Everyone can have a go – and we can post pictures of your efforts as we go along.

Craft Club has always been about learning new things, so this month we have compiled a list all around the theme of Knitting – the history of it, exhibits of it and links to videos teaching aspects of it:

The History of Knitting

This Golden Fleece by Esther Rutter (available from Amazon in print or kindle edition)

Esther Rutter has travelled the length and breadth of Britain to trace this country’s relationship with wool – from the manufacture of it to the crafts used in processing it. To illustrate some of the story, her book also includes information about a range of knitting techniques that have fallen out of general use – fascinating for those crafters that like to try out unusual things.

The History of the Knitting Industry in the East Midlands

This website  brings together the different facets of the history of knitting in our area – from hand-knitted caps and stockings to the industrial production of knitwear all the way to ‘the Marks and Spencer’ effect (you didn’t know they would come into it, did you?). The site also includes a virtual museum showing some of the collections that are not usually on view.

Learn new Techniques (or old ones as the case may be)

Some of the techniques discussed in the book and on the website are still being practiced today and enterprising knitters have put together YouTube videos showing how it’s done. Why not follow one of them and try out a new technique? Give it a shot and let us know how you get on – we’d love to post photos on our social media sites. And of course bring your projects to the first real craft club meeting once we are back up and running again.

Dentdale Knitting



Fair Isle Knitting

Historical Knitting (this is a whole series)

Or if you rather learn some new modern knitting stitches why not have a look at the ‘100 days of knit stitches’ series on YouTube? There has to be something in there you could try to pass the time.

Enjoy and stay safe!


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