Tin Can and Jerusalem

With the lock-down continuing many of us have not only found new ways to spend our time, but probably also reached the point where the back of the store cupboard is coming into view and forgotten treasures are discovered. But what to do with the odd can of pineapple or lentils? So in lieu of the monthly Bake Cub, here are a few links that may tempt you to explore store cupboard cooking further:

The Virtual WI Store Cupboard Recipes

The WI have created a virtual space on the WI website covering a number of subjects and resources – one of which is a range of store cupboard recipes:


Delia Smith Free Online Cookery School

Delia Smith is a longstanding favourite with many home cooks due to the reliability of her recipes. She is currently offering free membership in her online cookery school. Create an account and off you go:


Cookery Websites

Many cookery websites have picked up on the need to cook with what we have got – just google ‘store cupboard recipes’ and see where it takes you…

And finally – if you feel like belting out a bit of Jerusalem to yourself or the family while you are in the kitchen, the lyrics are right here on our site:


Stay safe, enjoy the cooking and have a great weekend!