An Allotment with a View

July has been a great month at the allotment as all that digging and sowing and planting is starting to bear fruit. Literally in the case of the raspberry bushes from which we have so far harvested more than 3 Kilos of delicious berries. Elsewhere on the plot the tomatoes are ripening, courgettes and aubergines are looking promising as do the cucumbers, squashes, onions, potatoes and sweetcorn. The only department that is lagging behind this year are the runner beans which for some reason are trying to impersonate their bush cousins…

The abandoned wilderness that used to be our neighbour behind the green house has seen a  dramatic change in the less than 12 months that we have been working on it. Here are some ‘before and after’ photos by way of illustration:

While the original plot is now a proper production garden, the upper part is more about flowers and a nice place to sit, rest and admire. True to our ‘make do, mend, recycle and up-cycle’ approach, the structures are made from recycled or reclaimed materials, the plants have been grown from seed and the garden furniture set as well as the arch have been donated.

As someone once said: If you are trying to climb Mount Everest it is a good idea to look back down the mountain from time to time to see how far you have come. The view from the bench at the top of the plot is definitely worth enjoying – why not come round sometime and try it? As long as it is dry weather we are there every Monday.


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