She is back!

June 9She’s back, in fact we are all back. ‘She’ – meaning Emmeline – had a bit of a makeover during the winter months and is now watching over the allotment again in all her glory. And the Gardening Girls have come out of hibernation full of good intent and energy. Lucky that our test run using lots of weed suppressant fabric was successful – makes spring digging so much easier…

On our small plot we have broad beans, onions and garlic (which were sown last autumn). This season we have planted potatoes, leeks and courgettes. In addition we have rescued a number of strawberry plants to put in the upcycled pallet planters. Plus we have re purposed an old bookcase to salad beds.

Moving onto the main area, we continue to have an abundance of fruit bushes, and have added a cooking apple and plum tree, together with some blueberry bushes. Our rhubarb is very plentiful (forget crumble – makes a fabulous gin!).

This year we are trialling a number of new varieties, okra, loofah, lemon, ginger and peanuts. Most of the beds are now sown, either with plants reared from seed or direct planting. And we are midway through our fruit cage build – hoping to win the race for the best fruit against the birds.

The pond has matured beautifully, and is home to dozens of tadpoles, hard to appreciate that it was just earth, stones and water only a year ago. We have concentrated mainly on flowers around the ‘top terrace’, using seeds collected last year. No sign of sunflowers yet!!

The weather, to say the least has been changeable, from an extremely dry and cold spring, very heavy rain, thank goodness, and now a relatively warm spell…….

We are always there on a Monday, from 11am ish, weather permitting, should you wish to visit!

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