Self defence at our fingertips

A big thank you to Mark Rowley of Natural Self Defence who introduced members to this fascinating skill.  I certainly came away much more confident that I had picked up some easy tips to defend myself with, should I ever need to do so: finger darts, ear clapping, edge of hand, pinching the inner thigh, kicking shins or ankles, plus pressing that small triangle at the base of your neck where it meets the chest.  My partner now trembles as I dart about the house practising my moves!

Mark’s style of delivery was humourous throughout the evening.  He began by explaining why natural self defence became a passion:  as a young man in his twenties he was attacked by 3 people, thought it was macho to fight back, and ended up in hospital with several injuries, including being stabbed in the back.  He also gave members a brief history of the development of self defence.

Finally, Mark invited volunteers to help him demonstrate some very useful techniques.  Thanks to Fiona, Gemma, Tina (not sure what your partner will make of this picture!) and Jo.