An evening of reflexology

A big thank you to Sue Burgess, who stepped in at very short notice, to run this month’s session on reflexology.  Sue began by explaining her approach to KORE, simply meaning a balanced approach to treating mind, body and spirit.  She touched on a short history of the subject and also passed around samples of essential oils, notably rosemary and orange.  Sue then went on to demonstrate a back massage on her colleague, followed by how reflexology is used to stimulate various areas of the foot to encourage the body to heal itself.   Hazel kindly offered her feet for this treatment.

Sue can be contacted on 07951 185518 or  She is based in Earl Shilton.

A slight aside, if you believe in things happening in 3s, then last month the original speaker could not make it as he passed away at New Year and this month’s planned speaker had to attend a funeral.  What can the third thing be … ?