Enigma quiz night

Many thanks to Evanda Greenwood, Social Secretary, for arranging the quiz this evening.  It was held at Engima and they made us very welcome.  Seventeen members and visitors took part in answering 40 questions that spanned general knowledge, history and geography.

Try one of our questions that created much debate on our table?  Which parts of the body keep growing?  (see below for answer)

Team Bananas won with 37 points, followed by WI knows 32 points, Sooty & Co 30 points, New Ones 27 points and Sizzling Sisters 19 points.

Quiz Jul 13 (2)-w500-h500

Teams: New Ones and Sizzling Sisters

Quiz Jul 13 (3)-w500-h500

Team: Sooty & Co and quiz leader, Evanda


Teams WI Knows and Bananas

Teams: WI Knows and Bananas




Answer (in bold)

The body parts that keep growing as you age are the hair, nails, ears and nose. The nose and the ears never stop growing as they are made of cartilage which continues to grow after our bodies have stopped.