News update from National WI

Highlights from the recent issue of this newsletter (see the news table at the November monthly meeting if you want to read a hard copy).  Click for National WI website and details of many of the items below.

Recipes for the NFWI Centenary –  if you have a recipe that has a particular significance to you as a dish, then initially send its name and photo of themselves to

Gift vouchers in £10 denominations  available from NFWI Finance Department, Claire Melvin.

Follow the Women’s Institute around the country on: Twitter feed,

SOS for High Streets – give your thoughts on  the WI’s national campaign

Interested in volunteering in the criminal justice system?  Find out more:

 Do you love gardening?  Have a project in mind that could help the community improve a space?  Then speak to Hazel Stacey as there is funding available from the national WI Gardening Club Project.

Interested in a baking qualification, demonstrator’s certificate or submitting a fruit cake recipe for the Centenary cake completion?  Other training opportunities for training from IT to public speaking and confidence building – check out Denman CollegeCheck out the NFWI website, Denman College.

Craft ideas that you would like to see on the NFWI website?  We’d love to hear your ideas for content you would like to see on the craft section of the WI website –

WI gift items, eg tea towels To order any of these items please phone Brechinset on 01394 276520 or visit the WI online shop, or to buy WI recipe books