Members try out Tai Chi

Tai Chi, Jan 14 (6)-w500-h500Laraine Tucker, String of Pearls Tai Chi, gave members a detailed insight into the art of Tai Chi last night.  Throughout the evening, Laraine expertly demonstrated several sequences of Tai Chi movements to music, amazing members with her gracefulness.  Members also had the opportunity to practise this ancient art themselves, initially working on their stance, then into thinking about relaxation before practising some basic movements.

Laraine explained that Tai Chi not only keeps the body really supple, often being practised on a daily basis outdoors in China, but also gives it the chance to rebalance and help relieve problems with aches, pains and joints.  She added that many of the movements are based on the way animals move.  Check out her website for more details, plus the courses she offers (see link above).

Tai Chi, Jan 14 (2)-w500-h500

Tai Chi, Jan 14 (5)-w500-h500

Laraine also mentioned a colleague, Paul Maslowski, who offers Tai Chi classes in Market Harborough at the Methodist Church Hall, organised by the Workers’ Educational Association – call 01509 268636 for more details.