Sloe and apple jelly – tasty, original WI recipe for you to try

Sloe  jelly (1)-w500-h500Gemma Underwood says, ‘Earlier this year i collected some sloes but instead of making the obvious Sloe Gin i had a look through a preserves book that i had to see if i could make anything else and i found a recipe for Sloe and Apple Jelly and i was surprised how easy it was to make, i did double the mixture and i ended up with 6 jars of jelly.
Looking at the book again yesterdaySloe  jelly (3)-w500-h500 i realised it was actually an old women’s institute book, what were the chances of that!’
‘I have taken a photo of the recipe if anyone would like to give it a try.’
Sloe  jelly (4)-w500-h500
Sloe  jelly (2)-w500-h500