Canadian recipe for you to try!

During our WI Centennial year we made contact with 2 WIs (or their equivalent Country Womens’ Associations) in Canada and Australia.  Shelagh, our contact in Canada is a keen supporter of her local WI and was delighted to receive several copies of our leaflet ‘Top Tips’, which she will be sharing with members later this year at their annual meeting.

In the meantime, Shelagh has kindly sent a recipe for Travelling Ginger Cookies from a similar, Canadian collection of favourite recipes.  Perhaps you’d like to try a batch for your friends and family?  You can download the recipe here. Travelling Ginger Cookies

If you’re on the refreshment rota for February, then it would be great if you could make a batch for members to sample at the meeting.

Helpful chart for converting American Cup measurements to Imperial or Metric measurements



Sloe and apple jelly – tasty, original WI recipe for you to try

Sloe  jelly (1)-w500-h500Gemma Underwood says, ‘Earlier this year i collected some sloes but instead of making the obvious Sloe Gin i had a look through a preserves book that i had to see if i could make anything else and i found a recipe for Sloe and Apple Jelly and i was surprised how easy it was to make, i did double the mixture and i ended up with 6 jars of jelly.
Looking at the book again yesterdaySloe  jelly (3)-w500-h500 i realised it was actually an old women’s institute book, what were the chances of that!’
‘I have taken a photo of the recipe if anyone would like to give it a try.’
Sloe  jelly (4)-w500-h500
Sloe  jelly (2)-w500-h500

May-bake monthly meeting – vegetables

Sort out your favourite vegetable recipe (sweet or savoury) and bake it for the next vegetabes-w500-h500monthly meeting on 21st May.  You will be able to share your baking with members, as well as sampling lots of new, innovative ideas which you can then try out on friends and family.

Don’t forget to bring a copy of the of the recipe (or, ideally, several copies) so these can be pegged up for other members to take home to try out for themselves.  We’ll be putting digital copies on the website, too, after the meeting.

Members will also be able to have fun in teams and take part in one of our popular quizzes.  This, too, will be on the theme of ‘vegetables.’   Time to dig deep now to brush up on those unusual facts.