Dream homework for Market Harborough WI members?

Norma Blakey and her colleague, Stuart Hague, took members on a thought provoking journey last night, asking members if they dreamed, and, if so, what about?  Were there recurring themes?  What did these mean?

Apparently, we all dream every 90 minutes.    If we are deprived of sleep, then this leads to irritability, difficulty in thinking, etc.    Dreaming is an essential part of the way our bodies work.  Dreams give us time to reflect and focus on what is on our minds, good and stressed.  Norma encouraged members to stand back and reflect on the content of dreams and put yourself in the ‘I’ position of what was happening in the dream.  Um … , time for some homework each morning?

Thanks to Stuart, too, for demonstrating the art of dowsing.