Funerals 2015 style

Jonathan Stamp-w500-h500Facebook, a dedicated website, emails to track planning, money giving on line, coffins printed with your favourite pictures plus a music bank at Kettering Crematorium, are all ways that technology and social media are changing funerals in 2015.

Jonathan Stamp, third generation family member of J Stamp and Sons, Market Harborough, gave a fascinating insight into how friends and families can plan unique funerals that celebrate the life of the deceased person.  In fact, some people even plan their own funerals in great detail while still alive and pay for it!  Whatever, Jonathan, his 2 cousins, plus a support team of men and women (historically across the profession women were not involved),  bring a wealth of experience from former roles to provide a professional service to local residents.  They are always happy to accommodate any request as part of either a religious, humanist or civic funeral.

Jack Stamp set up the company up back in 1946 and much of the early history is written in his own book ‘Step by Step.’   Originally Jack undertook a diverse range of activities around the town in order to support his family, moving eventually to the current premises In Kettering Road.  He bought the almost derelict building and renovated it.  The company now specialises in both funeral directing and monuments.  Again, up to date technology supports the design process.

An excellent insight into the history of J Stamp & Sons and how they are adapting  to the changes in public demand in 2015.  Apparently, even our final ‘wooden suits’ are now bought in and not made locally.