A policeman’s lot

Alan Rogers, retired Warwickshire policeman

Alan Rogers, retired Warwickshire policeman

Last night we were lucky enough to have as our speaker Alan Rogers, who delivered his talk, ‘A policeman’s lot’. He served as a police officer for 33 years for the  Warwickshire force. As a youngster, he desperately wished to become a professional footballer. His parents had other ideas, and insisted he join the police, by ‘encouraging’ him to watch Dixon of Dock Green, and then Z Cars!!

He was accepted as a cadet for the police and then went on to train as an officer.

He shared a number of humorous anecdotes about the 89 year old Hells Angel, who he let off with a caution, after speeding at over 140mph!! His first fitting for his police uniform and his first arrest. He covered a range of stories about incidents in court, together with the practical jokes played on new police officers. He went on to say that these would never be allowed now, but they did help relieve the enormous stress that they encountered day to day.