Do you have a life story to tell?

WI LIFE are looking for stories for a series of features in this national magazine.  Click for full details: wi-life-story-suggestion-form

Currently they are working on:

The Friendship Issue

We’re planning a series of features about different aspects of friendship – please consider the ideas below and see if one of them resonates with you. If so, get in touch.

·         Tell us how your WI friendships have impacted your life for the better, with solid examples (i.e. a friend encouraged you to stop procrastinating and take a course; or perhaps was there for you when you were grieving or recovering from illness). 

·         Do you have a WI friend you’d like to champion for being a true friend in your time of need? And if so, what did she do that was so special?

·         What are the five qualities a great WI friend possesses? 


It happened to me

We want to hear about a defining moment in your career. Maybe you’re retired now, but in your time at work you had some nail biting moments where you were able to make a difference – or make people laugh or feel special? We know many members have had colourful careers. Tell us about your pivotal moment – perhaps something that would surprise others…


You joined the WI?!

If you’re under 35 and your friends raised an eyebrow at your joining the WI, you’re not alone. But, what do they know? We’d like to interview members who are juggling their work/family/social life and find time to thrive in the WI. Maybe you set up a WI at 20, or perhaps it brings something to your life you just don’t get anywhere else. If this sounds like you please get in touch, send us a photo and a brief description of your WI involvement.



Lucy Collins

Staff Writer, WI Life


0207 731 5777 ext 220