Heather Jacks – Winner of Great British Sewing Bee (2014)

We had a bumper turnout last week for Heather Jacks, Winner of the Great British Sewing Bee in 2014.

GBSB - Heather Jacks2 - 28-03-2018

She gave us a very amusing and insightful look at life behind the scenes of this reality TV show.      She described the various interviews she had to undergo before being accepted for the show.   When asked what was the most unusual item she had made – she described how she had decorated a cardboard coffin for her mother in art deco style!

Heather described the very long, tiring days the contestants had to endure and the pressure of working with a huge number of cameras pointing at them all the time, just waiting for them to go wrong!

Heather also brought in some of the items she made on the show, so we were able to admire her sewing skills for ourselves and handle the gorgeous, but challenging fabrics, she had chosen for her garments.