Tea Blending on 5th April 2018

Teablending4Gemma, one of our Craft Club members,  gave a very informative talk about types of tea and described how and where it is grown with photographs and samples of white, black, green and oolong tea.  Apparently, Rooibos tea is not made from the tea plant at all, but from a South African thistle!  We also saw a bag of tea that by weight was more expensive than gold!


The blooming tea began as a tight ball placed into hot water and opened up to reveal a delicate flower.  We then had a chance to mix these teas with a choice of fruits, herbs or flavours like beetroot, almond and sticky toffee and tie them into our own tea bags.


We came away with a pack of information telling us about the appropriate temperatures that should be used for making different types of tea and a colour wheel to help sort the various flavours.



Well done, Gemma!   What a fascinating hobby!