Amazing Pumpkins!

R Attwood - Pumpkins - Oct 2018

Russell Attwood from Kettering Pumpkins gave us an extremely enthusiastic and animated talk last Wednesday evening about his unusual form of gardening and his passion for all things ‘pumpkin’!

Inspired by a second hand book he bought on ‘Lasagna Gardening’, he has developed an easier way of managing his allotments, which he claims involves virtually:

‘No digging, no watering, no weeding’!    



The process involves spreading layers of newspapers or thick cardboard over the ground to suppress weeds, and adding further layers of various organic materials, which are gradually broken down into a rich soil.

Not only did Russell show us some of the amazing designs he carves onto pumpkins, he also brought along some of his homemade pumpkin scones and flapjacks  for us to taste, with the added bonus that they contained no added sugar – the pumpkin being used for sweetness instead.
Pumpkin song - Oct 2018

A rousing sing-song of pumpkin inspired songs, based on well known tunes, brought his session to an hilarious end.

He even managed to turn England’s green and pleasant land orange!

Look carefully, I am sure you will recognise the song!





The pumpkin theme was also adopted for our raffle and some of our members entered into the spirit of the occasion too!
Pumkins - Gemma - Oct 2018
Raffle - pumpkins - Oct 2018


For more information and recipes, see Russell’s website:



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