All Systems Go at the Allotment!

Well – what a month is has been since our last post!

Not only have all the frost victims been replaced, but they have been complemented with the next round of planting – anything from squash to sweet corn, from brassicas to peppers. And with the perfect mix of sunshine and rain it is all growing at breakneck speed.

The Gardening Girls are now all back from their various stages of isolation and we even had some visitors and a new member of the team, who made her mark in spectacular fashion by organising (and installing!) a new roof for our shed, which was in serious danger of coming down in bits after the various winter storms. See below the result: Straight roof, proper guttering, door realigned, gaps filled – nothing wasted, all materials donated, so one could call it a 5* up-cycling job!

Elsewhere the planting around the pond has been finished and the cool waters have been discovered by three frogs who seem to have settled in happily. Hopefully they’ll stay around. And the project to take the old well back into operation is well underway (no pun intended) with a pallet arch, carbine hooks, rope and bucket. We’ll need to fine tune the water lifting a bit, but soon we won’t have to walk all the way to the road to get water for the upper part of the plot.

And just when we thought it could not get any better we received a generous donation of proper garden furniture, that will fit perfectly on the upper terrace even with social distancing rules applied. So we are moving closer to having the odd ‘sit down natter’ again – even if we have to bring our own tea for a while yet.

If you fancy having a look – do come down to visit and have a look around. Weather permitting we are there every Monday from 10am until we run out of steam sometime in the afternoon.

Wonder what next month will bring…

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