Help pilot adult colouring books

Julie Angel has contacted National WI and offers members the chance to trial adult colouring books: ‘Having spoken to Joanna Rayner the Press and PR Officer for NFWI and explained our project we were advised we could approach regional groups with this exciting proposal.

Sample Cup cakes-w500-h500

‘We would love you to take part in testing our colouring books for adults. You may be aware that there is a buzz around adult colouring books. Last year they outsold cookery books in France and it looks likely that the UK is picking up this new trend. We think that we can do better than what is currently on sale at the moment, and have produced two books that are more challenging.  To get this right we need focus groups to tell us if they like what we have done, if it too challenging, not interesting enough etc. We would not be asking you for anything apart from data which will collect in a convenient way for your members. 

‘You are our ideal target audience and we would really love you to join us. We are being featured in a few articles in the press and we would love to explore where this new trend could go. Our aim is to have focus groups test a selection of pages throughout July and then we can feed back the data for a final edit on both books. We are joining the Big Draw’ nationwide event in October and would be overjoyed if your members who loved the experience wanted to join in our adult version called ‘The Big Colour In’.

Outlines for colouring

Outlines for colouring

‘I have attached a sample of the images that we would be sending to your group and if you wish to join us then I would send you copies in the post or send an email with the rest of the trial pages in so you could get started straight away. We will also be sending some groups the same pencils, the same five we used for all the drawings as we are undecided whether to include them in our adult range as we have in our Colouring Sketchbooks.’

Interested?  Speak to a committee member at the July monthly meeting or email: