In touch with WIs in other countries

We are delighted to have made contact with WIs in Melbourne, Australia and Canada.  You can check out the Country Women’s Association  We hope to be exchanging gifts and keepsakes with them this summer and will be sharing these with you.  Donna, their Executive Director, is most impressed with our website and particularly likes our motto ‘Something old, something new.’

Our second contact has been with Shelagh, a nurse living in the middle of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a city with a population of about 750,000.  She has visited the UK and particularly liked Durham and the people.  Shelagh also said she had, ‘visited your website, and it appears that you have a lot going on these days!!’  

Do you have a contact with a WI or similar organisation elsewhere in the world?  If so, do get in touch with them and share our website, Facebook and Twitter pages or pass on the contact details to a Committee Member or Contact Us.  Let’s make this Centenary year the one where Market Harborough WI connects worldwide!


International WIs – do you have a contact?

WI Centenary logo eeD5k3OX_400x400Let’s get networking with some WIs across the world in this Centenary year.  Do you have a friend or family member who is in the WI or its equivalent (sometimes called Women’s Rural Institutes or Country Women’s Association) that would like to be in touch with Market Harborough WI?  If so, maybe send them an email now, or use social media, and let a Committee Member know how you get on.  We will need the contact details, too.  Am sure we can make excellent use of our website/blog, Facebook, email and Twitter to make this idea happen.