We’re hiring now!

We’re looking for those who would like to be more involved with MHWI whether it be ad hoc or on an ongoing basis.

With the AGM looming we have two must fill positions to keep our WI running. President and Vice President.  These roles can be shared if you don’t fancy taking it on alone but must be filled for our WI to keep running.

There are also other roles, including website/social media and refreshments co-ordinators, and help with the secretary’s role..

For more information Contact us or attend our next meeting at The Roebuck, Market Harborough, August 16th @ 7.30pm.

Your chance to see what it’s like to be a Committee member

Would you like to be a Committee member?  Not sure what it’s all about?  Maybe if you can’t commit to being on the Committee all year you could help out with specific events?   If so, do come along to the next Committee meeting at 7.30 pm at The Roebuck on Rockingham Road, Market Harborough (behind the Tesco garage) on Wednesday 16th August.   We look forward to seeing you then for a fun, relaxed evening.

Several current members are stepping down in September and we urgently need your support for the ongoing continuity and success of MHWI.

Why I joined the committee of MHWI

Although I have lived in Market Harborough for 14 years, I have worked full time forIMG_2954-w500-h500 most of that period and didn’t know many people.  An article on line, shown to me by my daughter, prompted me to call the MHWI contact, Hazel Stacey.  Before I knew it I had attended my first committee meeting and had a sense of purpose locally.  Several months later I attended a WordPress course at work and used this website as a practice for the one I wanted to set up locally for my employer.  You know the rest.

Being a committee member has enabled me to contribute ideas and take part in organising and assisting at numerous events over the last 2 and half years.  Making things happen and knowing that lots of women enjoy attending, plus meeting other people, is very rewarding.  Committee members pay their annual fee just like any other member.  We attend a committee meeting once a month, usually in a pub.   We urgently need new committee members who can bring their own ideas and give some time each month to help make meetings and social events take place.  Our very own Hazel is stepping down, too, this autumn.  So, if you think you would like to step up and join the committee, please speak to a committee member (we wear the blue sashes) or Contact  us.  You’re very welcome to come to a committee meeting, not only to meet us, but to see what it’s all about.