Thank you Hazel, Welcome Clare and Carmen

IMG_2883-w500-h500We had a fun, and at times emotional, Annual Meeting on Wednesday, 24 September, during which we thanked Hazel as she stepped down from being our President after three wonderful and inspiring years. We shall definitely miss her fun and infectious style but look forward to seeing her being able to enjoy our meetings rather than being on the sidelines keeping everything going.
There was nervous anticipation as Anne (our Federation Advisor) asked for a new President to be elected and, after some IMG_3343-w500-h500heart-stopping moments and a bit more prompting, Clare Farquhar bravely stepped up having been “cajoled” by various members of the committee. Clare asked that  she was supported in the role by having a co-chairperson to help and Carmen Wilson put her hand up for that with Fiona  Thompson becoming Secretary. We also thanked Jill Reeve for all her hard work on the Committee (as she is stepping down) and welcomed Annabel  Smith as a new member of the Committee.
WI Book Sculptures presented to Committee Members by outgoing President, Hazel Stacey

WI Book Sculptures presented to Committee Members by outgoing President, Hazel Stacey

We had a brief introduction to the  campaign that the NFWI is promoting, in which Fiona encouraged members to think about organ donation and most importantly to tell their family of their decision. She emphasised that would-be donors must speak to their families as it is the families who play a vital role by giving consent to organ donation. 
There was the usual spread of delicious food to tuck into while we all got busy sewing our lavender hearts. 
I personally was amazed and impressed by the array of different interpretations of the craft activity. I think that is my favourite part of doing such activities as we see our members’ personalities reflected in what they produce.  I love the photo of the cake, the heart and the raffle tickets as I think it is the perfect reflection of the evening!

Pam Reed, member, sewing her lavender heart

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