An energetic start to the New Year with Scottish Dancing!

A big thank you to all our members for helping us through a very full and busy meeting last Wednesday.

First, we dealt with our subscription renewals.    If you have not paid yet, please ensure we receive payment of £42 by our next monthly meeting on 27th February at the latest (details of how to do this contained in an early post).

Secondly, we discussed and voted on the 2019 proposed resolutions (campaigns).    Votes submitted at the meeting have been forwarded to the Leicestershire and Rutland Federation.    It is your individual votes that are added together with members’ votes from WIs around the country    A shortlist of two resolutions will be produced for consideration and adoption at the National Conference of WIs in June.  All resolutions are on-going so we can still continue to work on previous ones, eg plastic reduction, for as long as we consider appropriate.

Last, but by no means least, we all enjoyed a very social and energetic session led by the lovely dancers from the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, resplendent in their Scottish kilts and dresses!  Very appropriate for forthcoming Burns night on 25th January. Fascinating bits of history were entwined with reels, Gay Gordon’s and an excellent demonstration of the Highland Fling.   With the Scottish dancers’ guidance and much patience, we all managed to join in and keep going in the right direction!




Perhaps a new way to keep fit in 2019!



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