WI Centenary baton comes to Foxton Locks

The WI Centenary Baton is being passed along a massive line throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and even the Isle of Man, finishing at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  See its route.

On Tuesday 7 October, MHWI members went to Foxton Locks to take part in passing on this baton.  A once in a lifetime experience!  Enjoy the pictures below:

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Fascinating insight into Foxton Locks

Foxton locksMichael Beech, curator of Foxton Canal Museum, was visiting speaker at May’s monthly meeting this week.  He gave a fascinating overview of the history of the building of the famous inclined plan at Foxton, with pictures of boat users using it and the top and bottom basins.  One scary picture was of the Methodist Church Sunday School annual outing – health and safety was obviously not paramount then, with a barge overflowing with youngsters actually standing in the barge as it was being hoisted up the plane!

Michael’s presentation also took us swiftly through the funding of this part of the Grand Union Canal, an overview of the national waterways, the Lock Keeper’s Cottage and information on the ongoing restoration and upkeep of this famous, integral part of the inland waterways.

The Foxton Locks Festival runs on 29 and 30 June 2013.  A great day out for the family.