Hobby group meets tomorrow evening


Update on hobby group meeting date

Unused or unwanted wool needed

knitting-w500-h500The Market Harborough Carers Knit & Natter group are making items for various charities and they are running out of wool. So if anyone has a stash of unused or unwanted good quality wool going spare please let us know or drop it off at The Settling Rooms in Market Harborough.  (posted on Facebook 9 March 2015 by MHWI member Diane Claridge who works for SLVS)

Knitting a yellow brick road, tea and tents and yarn bomb – up date

Yes, some new terms here but things will be much clearer at the March monthly meeting.  It’s all to do with the Tea and Tents WI camping weekend this summer.   Clare and Fiona were straight there on the web when the tickets were released and will be representing Market Harborough again this year.

Yellow Brick Road is to be knitted (as part of their yarn bomb) to go around the grounds.  This complements the Wizard of Oz theme for the weekend.